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Collect ETH as Rent: Be A Blockchain Real Estate Mogul

Become a Real Estate Mogul on the Ethereum Blockchain.

You can own all the biggest and most expensive estates ever built in the world with EtherEstates!

EtherEstates uses Smart Contracts to let you own estates from all over the world. You can buy the deed of any estate and instantly set the new purchase price.

Introducing Rent

EtherEstates is the first game to introduce Rent. A percent of the profit generated when one player buys an estate from another goes to taxes on the estate. This money is put in a rent pool and paid to ALL OWNERS who currently own other estates!

You can manually collect your rent anytime you want. Just go to the My Estates page and click the "Collect Rent" button.

If you don't get a chance to collect your rent before someone else buys your estate, don't worry! The game will instantly transfer you any rent you didn't collect previously from that estate.

View Rent Payouts of all Estates

Brand New Referral System!

You will earn 0.5% of every sale that happens for the lifetime of your referrals. We will keep track of any accounts that sign up under you forever. For users who don't create accounts, your referral id will be stored for 7 days.

Your referral link will be on the My Account page

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